FIT Effect COVID 19 Commitment to Health & Safety of our members and staff:

At the FIT Effect, the safety of our members and staff is our number one priority as we navigate the COVID 19 safety procedures. We will continue to monitor and update procedures according to public health guidelines as necessary.

Safety Measures

Please do not enter the gym if you are experiencing a fever, cough, shortness of breath or have been in contact with a suspected or currently known case of COVID 19 that would required you to self-isolate. Protecting the safety of our staff and members is our top priority.

Brant County has issued a Face covering By-law effective July 20, 2020. Members and staff are required in enclosed public areas to wear a face covering.

“face covering” can include a medical or non-medical mask or other face covering, including a bandana, scarf or other fabric that covers the nose, mouth and chin to create a barrier to limit the transmission of respiratory droplets.  Even if you have no symptoms a face covering can help contain your own respiratory droplets when you talk, cough, or sneeze.

The temporary removal of face coverings is permitted where necessary for the purpose of receiving services, which includes the consumption of food or drink, or while actively engaged in a strenuous athletic or fitness activity.

The Face Covering By-law exempts the following persons:

  • a child who is five years of age or under;
  • a person who is unable to put on or remove a face covering without assistance;
  • a person with a medical condition or other disability that inhibits their ability to wear a face covering,
  • including persons who are reasonably accommodated pursuant to the (Ontario) Human Rights Code by not wearing a face covering;
  • employees or agents of the owner or operator of any enclosed public place within or behind a physical barrier or within an area designated for them and to which the general public is not invited; any paramedic, fire fighter or police officer acting in the course of their duties.

A person who refuses to wear a face covering shall identify if they are a person who is exempt from wearing a face covering when asked by an operator or owner or any person charged with enforcing this By-law but shall not be required to provide proof of any of the exemptions.


Our staff will use hospital grade disinfectant to clean and sanitize and we will ensure all areas of the club will receive a comprehensive, thorough cleaning every hour from dedicated cleaning staff.

There will be dedicated cleaning time after every fitness class and personal training session to disinfectant the machines, dumb bells and other fitness equipment used.

Our staff will adopt a “constantly cleaning” mind-set, ensuring special attention is always given to high-touch surfaces areas.

Members will be required to wipe down their equipment BEFORE and AFTER each use. To make this convenient, additional spray bottles and new cleaning stations will be strategically placed throughout the club.

Hand sanitizer has been made available, including the installation of hand sanitizer stations at strategic locations throughout the club.

Locker availability will be reduced and cleaned after each use to ensure it is safe for the next member. Washrooms will be cleaned hourly and showers disinfected throughout the day.

Club capacity and Booking

The total number of people permitted in The FIT Effect at one time is limited to the number of people that can maintain physical distancing of at least two metres and can not exceed the limit of 50 people.

This includes fitness class participants and personal training clients who will schedule their time at the gym prior to coming in.

We will monitor attendance hourly and if we have reached the capacity of 50 people, members will have to wait outside until they are allowed to come in. If possible, we encourage our members to use the gym during the non-peak hours.
There will be a maximum time limit of 90 minutes in the facility per session or visit.

To assist with social distancing, certain cardio and strength training machines will have signs posted on them indicating not in use that day. The machine will be sanitized and made available the following day.